Shantell is a very committed and persistent individual who drives relentlessly towards her goals. Able to take on almost any task with ease while maintaining great relationships with all involved. A definite spark plug for any organization, project or workteam!

-Muhammad Abdullah (Commercial Capabilities Director at The Coca Cola Company)

Shantell ‘Shanz’ Hill is an excellent media, public relations, planner and organizer in the entertainment industry. Her work speaks for itself in the many events she has contributed, which has resulted in unequaled success. Shantell Hill is among the most professional-minded people I know. She has exceptional organizational and planning skills. During her time working with the Big Yard/Scikron record label she proved to be the engine of the organization, expertly managing the daily operations even as she built a strong client base of local and international artistes. I find her to be the true professional’s professional.

- Leighton Levy (Sports Journalist, The Gleaner and Nation Wide Radio)

Shantell Hill (Shanz) was my first interaction with an entertainment industry member whom valued organization as a prized asset that must be maintained in order to spur growth for whichever field she is working in. She has excellent communication skills, and is abreast of the latest happenings of any sector or industry she is involved in. Great team player and hard worker all around!

- Dominic Bell (Freelance PR, Writer and Social Media Marketer)

I have worked with Shantell and she is a very driven, determined and innovative person. She is one who does not stop until the job is done.

- Claude ‘Weakhand’ Reynolds (CEO of Indie Works (Producer /Tour and Studio Engineer)

An incredibly professional and talented woman with the drive and dedication to making her work sell itself.

-Toni Wanliss (Creative Options and Promotions)

Very capable at was she does. Excellent, professional and very inspiring woman!

-Linda Blease (CEO LB Signature)

Shantell is very hard working person and refuses to give up a challenge where impossible. Very competitive and dedicated to what ever she does or puts her mind to.

-Richmond B (Higher Level Move-Ents)