For Immediate Release: September 2, 2015
Kingston, Jamaica and Tokyo, Japan
iakopo, is deeply excited to share his formal visualization in the form of his brand new video for the much buzzing song ‘Supernatural’ produced by Gramps Morgan for Dadason Ent. The video has been on high demand by his fans internationally especially in Japan for the last few months, and as such iakopo is keen on finally breaking the silence by doing a viral release prior his official international release.
With an organic social following of over four hundred thousand followers (from the pacific islands of Samoa and Hawaii, Japan, USA and Jamaica respectively) iakopo aspires to stay true to the island feel throughout the video by showcasing the lush beauty of the island of Jamaica. iakopo and his team Cottage 9 Inc, were keen on using Montego Bay as his prime location, wanting to represent the parish of St. James positively to his broad international audience.
Supernatural also features leading talent Nicollette Gomex, a local model, whose spirit and acting skills were a perfect fit for the energy for the part, consequently reflecting the Kula lifestyle. “Nicolette has that chill, playful, yet independent spirit that is evident in most females in Jamaica,” he continued “her ability to immerse into the role and connect with the lyrics is evident on screen, consequently she helped to bring the visual story to life.”
Supernatural Video was shot on several locations in the parish of Montego Bay, St. James (Jamaica), capturing both natural and scenic moods, spaces and locations, such as the a famed Round Hill Hotel and Martha Brea River etc. The video was co-directed by Stylez and The HDBoys, who both are based in the US but has strong ties  to Jamaica. The video took several days of shooting in order to fully capture the Islands’ natural beauty, mood, lighting and energy. Special thanks to Mr. Andrew McGlone of World Media Film who catered to the scenic aerial shots and directing photography. iakopo wanted to showcase the supernatural feeling through cinematography and storytelling. iakopo, felt that his experience whilst in Jamaica was somewhat of a supernatural nature and a fitting visual portrayal of the experience was key to the energy of the video.